This new Hitachi ZX330-5 has been sold to an Irish contractor in Zambia.

The machine will be shipped to the landlocked country in Sub-Saharan Africa and will be working on very different terrain of that from where it leaves, and I’d imagine a few degrees warmer than the Armagh tropics!

The machine will be straight to work in the copper mines where tough isolated working conditions mean it's a place only for the newest of technology as any breakdowns can cause lengthy delays to work.

This ZX330-5 is not the typical model available in Europe as this machine has the old style "bullet proof" Isuzu 6 cylinder engine instead of the new Isuzu common rail engine. This machine works perfectly with less refined fuel unlike the European excavators. 

This new machine with fuel savings, up to date technologies along with the aforementioned Izuzu engine make it perfect for the challenging environment for which it is headed.