So the sun is high in the sky & the need to drink more water while on the road is even more important.

Concerns about an increased risk of accidents because drivers are dehydrated has led to the launch of a campaign aimed at hauliers to ensure their workforce drink regularly.

It follows a study published last year in a medical journal that found that mild dehydration results in an increase in driving mistakes comparable to being over the drink-driving limit. Drink-driving is now an established social stigma, but driving while dehydrated has yet to be recognised as a similar problem- despite it being just as dangerous.

The average haulage drivers age is 54 and from the age of 50 the ability to detect dehydration diminishes & gets worse the older you get and mild hydration can easily set in causing headaches, tiredness & lethargy.

So drivers before starting out on the road her are a few a words of advice:

  • Make sure to be well hydrated- don’t avoid drinking before you go because you are concerned about having to stop to go to the toilet.

  • Stop every couple of hours and top up hydration levels- if you are thirsty it is a sign that you are probably already a bit dehydrated.

  • In hot conditions you are likely to dehydrate more quickly, so pay particular attention to your hydration needs.