The need to decarbonise transport and find a viable low-emission alternative is growing truly urgent ahead of the EU’s plan to introduce tougher CO2 standards for new trucks by 2019. Electric vehicles may well prove to be an option for urban transport at some point, however it seems that gas powered trucks might be a closer reality on our roads.

The transport industry is being urged to become less dependent on fossil energy sources and move towards renewable fuels. Gas is a well-proven technology- there are hundreds of gas buses on the road in the UK and a much larger number of gas vehicles running on European roads.

Supermarket chain Waitrose has begun using what is claimed to be Europe’s most advanced fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks and claims to have 40% lower fuel costs and 70% lower CO2 emissions.

 But in reality what certainly sounds very promising has struggled to get off the ground in the UK. The obstacles mainly being the purchase price of gas vehicles and the lack of refuelling infrastructure. However if you are running over 12 vehicles it is most likely more cost effective to switch to gas and install your own fuelling station if you aren’t located near a gas station.

With diesel pries increasing its inevitable people will start looking for more cost efficient fuelling options. Renewable gas can cut emissions by 70% and deliver significant savings on fuel costs, and that makes it a real game changer. So perhaps is time the UK adopts this green alternative to diesel...