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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Oh dear, things are sounding a little gloomy...

The head of Ireland's customs authorities has said up to 8% of freight crossing the border will have to be subject to checks after Brexit.



It has been estimated that more than two million HGV journeys take place between the north & south of Ireland each year and its looking increasingly likely that inspections will become common place once again, giving plenty of sore heads!

An option being suggested is that checks would take place not at the border but at "trade facilitation posts" located 10-15 kilometres from what will be a post-Brexit EU frontier.  These checks will take time & money and could have a disastrous impact on the haulage industry & wider community.

The imposition of customs checks on up to 8 per cent of freight is a significant barrier that will have a large impact on companies on both sides of the border.


So for now we may enjoy the seamless journeys crossing the border as the not too distant future may give cause for some stressed heads on our otherwise never flustered lorry drivers ;)