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Saturday, May 2, 2015

New Euro 6 Volvo FM13.420

This new Volvo FM 8x4 Tipper goes to a new happy home in Co. Tyrone and we wish Martin every success & safe driving.

 This is one of the new Euro 6 FM13.420 8x4s. These trucks combine EG2 & ECR & do not need to cool recirculated gas. This should mean less hassle for operators compared with other brands.

 undefinedThe cab sits low on the chassis looking lower and more down-to earth with rear-sloping, aerodynamic rounded corners.The new headlamps also give a the new FM a really modern look.this along with the new euro 6 fuel efficient 13l engine make for a big upgrade from the old euro 5trucks.

Another new feature that will have older drivers scratching their heads is the possibility of downloading the new ‘MyTruck’ app, which allows the driver to remotely control and monitor some of the truck’s functions.

All in all the new FM looks and drives great so it looks like it will be as successful for Volvo as the previous FM400s!